Easy to use software that gives you full transparency and control of the debt litigation process, saving substantially on debt litigation and commission expenses. This allows you to litigate for smaller debts and control your costs with full support from us along the way.


Each matter has its own workflow to guide staff through the litigation step tree to a desired outcome, one step at a time, your staff will always know what has been done and what they need to do next.


  • Continual backup and support

  • CITO contains all District Court and High Court debt litigation documents

  • Full management reporting functionality

  • Customisable for your company needs.
  • Easy to use software

  • Control your own litigation process

  • Substantial cost saving of current litigation and commission expenses

  • You can litigate more debtors than you normally would because of current cost levels

  • Control your own costs

routine legal work can be passed to an account manager with the knowledge it will be done the right way every time.
— Mike Farr, MFL Services